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Introducing the advanced science of Cellular Resonance Technology.

London University research has paved the future for anti-aging with the invention of two intelligent technologies:

-Arasys Body Sculpting: A progressive approach to health and effortless fitness.

-Perfector Non-Surgical Face Lift: The healthy alternative for a radiant, youthful appearance.

Cellular Resonance Technology is designed to record the private conversations of cells.  The technology is based on extensive international research at Yale, London, and Oxford University.

Arasys and Perfector science introduces proprietary waveforms that resonate with the intricate language of cellular, bio-electrical impulses that regenerate tissue, balance and sculpt the body.


Research Quotes:
“For nearly a century, researches have strained to hear that whispering conversation of cells, hoping to master the basics of cells, hoping to master the basics of their language.  In place of words, cells use chemicals, linking molecule to construct sentences that obey formal rules of grammar and syntax as those that govern our own spoken language.”
--Debra Niehoff, Ph. D, Neurobiologist at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine.

“Improved technology will reveal a whole microcosmos of electrical signals in a multitude of electrically and chemically excitable cell types.”
--Edwin Neher, MD, Nobel Prize Winner (Nobel Lecture, 1991)

“The treatment group showed: a homogeneous epithelial regeneration more compact and eosinophitic collagen more evident healing scar epidermis thickening.  The amount of fibroblasts (cells that produce collagen and elastin) was greater than the one in the untreated group.”
--Santos VNS et al, 200z

“Channels are biological membranes open and close stochastically in an all-or-none manner.  The fact that similar records could be obtained both in our Gottingen laboratory and in the laboratory of Charles F. Stevens at Yale gave us confidence that they were not the results of some local demon, but rather signals of biological significance.”
--Edwin Neher, 1991 Nobel Prize in Medicine and Physiology

“Quantifiable results over the course of 20 days:
10% increase in the production of natural collagen
48% increase in natural elastin production
38% increase in blood circulation.”
--Chi, 2003 Washington University

“In 1982, Ngok Cheng studied changes in the cells using electron microscopy following the application of a wide range of currents.  This technique enables him to observe the changes in the cellular mechanics.  His results indicated that current between 50 and 500 microamperes causes an increase in mitochondria and an increase of ATP levels by 300 to 500 percent.  Cheng also noted that at this level, there was an increase in protein synthesis and gluco-neogenesis.”
--N. Cheng, 1982

“Of protein interests is the fact that all three types of multimeric proteins are subject to regulation by either GTP (G-proteins and tubulin) or ATP (actin).  Based on evidence accumulated over the past decade, cytoskeleton proteins are connected in some manner to a variety of signaling systems that adhere to the cytoskeleton matrix.  These components form web-like structures that possibly interact in a flickering manner in response to activation of membrane receptors, including those that are growth promoting.”
--Martin Rodbell, Nobel 1994, Nobel Prize in Medicine and Physiology

Additional Facts & History

Let's revisit the earlier information about cell restoration occurring during the sleep cycle. Our bodies reflect a very low frequency of Delta brain waves (0.1-3Hz) during our deepest sleep periods, which is when-and how-our skin cells regenerate themselves. Scientific studies (1998-2004) have shown that this same outcome can be reproduced by using low frequency micro-currents (0.4-1.00Hz) which have both a regenerative and healing capacity, including causing changes in fibroblast amounts and increasing collagen production.

Lemuria’s two unique cell regeneration programs are based on the work of Nobel Prize winning scientist Gerald Pollock of London University, whose research involved the use of minute electrical currents on cell membranes equivalent to the cell's own electrical charge. The co-inventor of the pacemaker, Gerald Pollock originally designed this system to help muscle-wasting conditions such as Multiple Sclerosis and muscle atrophy. In May of 2004, after 15 years of research, he released his device to the medical world, where it was received with critical acclaim.

The first of his two programs use a frequency of 0.4Hz and 40 microamps, the second a frequency of 0.8Hz and 80 microamps. (A microamp is one-millionth of an ampere, and therefore a minuscule quantity of current.) This unique system's subtle electrical signals form a rectangular wave that tunes in on the cellular structure's biological rhythm and resonates with your cells' own low frequencies that occur naturally during sleep. This is why the cells so eagerly accept the charge and utilize it to regenerate themselves.

The cells' eagerness to receive this charge is significant, considering cosmetic procedures which involve injections, or the application of external products, are either usually rejected by the cells or are only partially absorbed.